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Montfortian Associates


Apart from the three Religious Congregations, the wider Montfortian Family includes various groups of people who, to a greater or lesser degree, are associated with them. Some of these groups give practical help to the work of one or other of the three congregations, sharing in a more or less active way in their apostolate. Others, while not being involved actively in working with the three congregations, are associated with them through their interest in the spirituality given them by their founder, St Louis Marie de Montfort, following this sometimes to the point of Total Consecration to Jesus Christ through the Hands of Mary, as taught by St. Louis Marie. All are associated with the Montfortian Family through their prayer.

The Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts

Holding a special place among the various groups of Montfortian Associates is the Association known formerly as the "Confraternity of Mary Queen of All Hearts", now the "Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts". This is an association for those who have made the Total Consecration to Jesus Christ, Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom, through the hands of Mary which is recommended by St Louis Marie de Montfort as the best way to be faithful to the vows of Christian Baptism. It is recognised as an Association "proper" to the Company of Mary.

Further information on the Association of Mary Queen of all Hearts is available here.

Other Forms of Montfortian Associates

In some areas of the world where the Montfortian Family is present (e.g. in Italy and in France), there are "Secular Institutes" (a form of consecrated life for lay people, not normally living in religious communities, recognised by the Church) which take their inspiration from St. Louis Marie de Montfort and his spirituality, and which often are helped or guided by one or other of the Montfortian Family Congregations.

In some places there are well-organised associations whose members actively collaborate with one or other of the Montfortian congregations in some field of their apostolate. An example is what is known in France as the "Hospitalité Montfortaine", an organisation, including Doctors, Nurses, administrators, etc., which organises and runs the annual Montfortian Pilgrimage to Lourdes. The French Province of the Company of Mary provide this organisation and its members with spiritual guidance and input throughout the year.

Throughout the world there are groups of people who share with the members of the Montfortian Religious Family their understanding and acceptance of the teaching of St. Louis Marie de Montfort, or who support the Religious Congregations in one way or another by their prayers or their occasional practical help. These too, by their affinity with the spirit and the work of the Montfortian Religious Family, are counted as Montfortian Associates. In some parts of the world, special reviews, bulletins or newsletters are published with them in mind, e.g. in many countries of Europe, and North America.

Further information concerning Montfortian Associates in your part of the world may be obtained by sending e-mail to SMM GENERALATE

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